Litigation Support

Expert Witness services

Expert witness services

Our forensic accounting specialists provide expert knowledge across many areas of dispute resolution. Expertise ranges across both civil and criminal cases, from inception through to resolution and acting for both applicants and respondents.


Navigating the complex legal channels involved in disputes, we can guide our clients through processes such as information gathering, negotiation and mediation or acting as forensic accounting expert witnesses in court.


Criminal Matters

Cases of financial crime, such as money laundering, theft, fraud and cryptocurrency fraud, require specific forensic accounting services to be able to accurately quantify financial losses or gains and to fully consider all the evidence.  Where cases progress to confiscation under the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) we are able to provide forensic accounting litigation support to produce the exact information from specific techniques of forensic investigation, forensic accounting and financial investigations required to clarify the evidence and the facts, while also working to overcome any statutory assumptions.


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