Forensic, fraud & financial investigations services

Forensic and financial investigation services

The investigation of fraud, corruption and other economic crime, particularly where the integrity of senior management has been called into question, requires a thorough, professional and independent approach. You, your stakeholders and possibly regulators will require the reassurance of an effective response should an issue arise that poses a regulatory, financial or reputational risk.


We are able to fully support and advise in any cases that is likely to result in litigation as well as those that are limited to internal enquires. Our cases often include forensic accounting investigations into financial reporting and accounting anomalies, suspected fraud or abnormalities in financial trends.


Our team of trained forensic accountants bring a wealth of knowledge and experience of a wide range of business sectors and of working with lawyers, former regulators, former law enforcement agents, forensic technologists and corporate intelligence experts to provide a complete one-stop solution to identifying all relevant data and provide prevalent information and intelligence on both national and worldwide individuals and companies. This wealth of knowledge and experience can be brought to bear on any investigation, financial or non-financial, requiring expertise in:

  • Anti money laundering
  • Asset tracing
  • Bribery & Corruption
  • Breaches of banking and other City codes
  • Competition/Anti-trust
  • Computer forensic
  • Corporate intelligence
  • Corruption
  • Criminal activity
  • Data analytics
  • Digital forensic
  • E-disclosure
  • False accounting
  • Fraud, fraud risk and procurement fraud
  • Financial services risk and compliance
  • Fiscal irregularities
  • FRC enquires
  • General financial crime
  • Integrity due diligence
  • Insolvency investigations
  • Non-financial investigations
  • Market abuse
  • Professional misconduct
  • Regulatory investigations, SFO, FCA and law enforcement
  • Royalty examinations
  • Warranty compliance

While we usually lead investigations, we occasionally act in a supporting role to regulators, lawyers, in-house counsel and others conducting investigations. We see our goal as being able to analyse the evidence and provide clarity and an expert opinion on the most complex of issues in contentious situations.


We have close connections with investigators in other fields, and would be pleased to introduce you to them.


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