Forensic, fraud & financial investigations services
Forensic and financial investigation services

Our range of financial and fraud investigations

We carry out financial and fraud investigations to forensic standards in a wide range of circumstances. Many of these appointments are aimed at establishing whether fraud or other wrongdoing has taken place. Cases are often designed to respond to allegations of civil or criminal law offences.

Every piece of relevant evidence is analysed and we apply our expertise to provide clarity and a professional opinion on every issue.

Our wide range of skills and experience allow us to analyse the evidence in great detail on the most complex of issues in contentious situations and to provide clarity and an expert opinion that produces results.

Our investigations always require great care and sensitivity as heavy penalties often flow from findings of wrongdoing by individuals and businesses.

We can also apply the skills and experience gained from our work on many types of fraud to help clients design systems and procedures that minimise and prevent the risks of fraud.

Our clients include businesses, individuals, law enforcement, prosecutors, regulators, and banks and other financial institutions.

When you suspect that you or your client have suffered a crime, it is essential you act immediately and appoint us to secure and protect your assets. We would capture the evidence quickly before it can be destroyed. Our standards ensure that the evidence is recorded in a form that it would be accepted by prosecutors and courts, with the result that wrongdoers can be prosecuted and the proceeds of crime recovered.

Financial investigations

Our team of trained forensic accountants bring a wealth of knowledge and experience of investigating allegations of wrongdoing in many business sectors.

Our investigations cover criminal offences of fraud, whether by false representation, failing to disclose information or by abuse of position. We are also able to work on private prosecutions.

We are able to responded to allegations of fraudulent lifestyles and proceedings for the confiscation of the proceeds of crime.

We are also often asked to prepare or respond to reports on asset tracing.

Non-financial and regulatory investigations

We have undertaken sensitive or confidential investigations for public bodies, companies and private individuals in the UK and overseas. While most of our cases involve financial considerations, we are occasionally appointed to use these skills, experience and our meticulous attention to detail to investigate and report on non-financial issues and evidence for governments and other agencies.

We use the latest techniques to gather evidence and access data stored on computers and other devices. We monitor the latest developments and emerging technology to stay at the forefront of developments in AI, algorithms and other electronic systems.

Presenting expert evidence

Our team are regularly asked to act as expert witnesses and prepare expert reports and to give oral evidence that will withstand forensic challenge in court, at arbitrations and in other tribunals.

We always ensure we comply with the latest reporting regulations for civil and criminal courts, arbitrations or other tribunals.

We also ensure we present our reports so they are clearly understood without any possible confusion by the intended audience.

Why you should appoint us to carry out an investigation

The investigation of fraud, theft, bribery, corruption, false accounting and other economic crime carries a heavy penalty and so the evidence we prepare is always presented to the highest standards of proof.

We have many years’ experience of working with lawyers, experts in other fields, regulators, law enforcement agents, forensic technologists and corporate intelligence experts and we continue to draw on their expertise when required.

Our wealth of knowledge and experience can be brought to bear on any investigation, financial or non-financial, requiring expertise in: Anti money laundering, Asset tracing, Bribery & Corruption, Breaches of banking and other City codes, Competition/Anti-trust, Computer forensics, Corporate intelligence, Corruption, Criminal activity, Data analytics, Digital recovery and forensics, E-disclosure, False accounting, Fraud, fraud risk and procurement fraud, Financial services risk and compliance, Fiscal irregularities, FRC enquires, General financial crime, Integrity due diligence, Insolvency investigations, Non-financial investigations, Market abuse, Professional misconduct, Proceeds of Crime, Regulatory investigations, FCA and law enforcement, Royalty examinations, Serious fraud trials, Tax fraud, or Warranty compliance.

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