Charles Lazarevic given Lawyer Monthly Awards in two finance categories

Charles Lazarevic
Charles Lazarevic, an award winning expert witness

I am thrilled to announce that I was nominated, voted on and won Expert Witness Awards in two categories by Lawyer Monthly: Chartered Accountancy and Fraud Accountancy. 

These Awards recognise the success that I and my firm have achieved since we established this specialist forensic firm in 2016.

Every case requires a tailored approach to deal with its own uniqueness. I am pleased that these Awards recognise the passion that my team and I apply in resolving each case. We present often complex financial issues in a clear, authoritative and comprehensive way that assists the parties, courts, tribunals and arbitrators. 

Further details about my firm’s services may be found here.

Details of Lawyer Monthly’s point-based evaluation system, which is based on twelve parameters to ensure fairness and accuracy, are set out here.  Lawyer Monthly will be publishing an Awards edition shortly.

Expert Witness Award
Charles Lazarevic – 2019 Award winner

Charles Lazarevic


5 June 2019

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